2022.03 – March 27th, 2022


API Changes

  • Added logic to check if a CPF Transaction is for an HSA/FSA card. If so, the fee transaction will not be processed

  • Updated Appendix D in API Documentation to remove processor codes (non-Finvi Codes)

  • Added Puerto Rico to the list of states and territories not allowed to charge CPF

  • Added logic so that when a Transaction is refunded with a related CPF transaction, the CPF transaction will also be refunded in real time

  • UI Changes*

  • For CPF Transactions, CPF Transaction ID will now appear in the Transaction Detail report

  • Updated Response field on Payment Detail screen so all responses will match response codes in Appendix D of API Documentation (i.e. the Finvi Response Codes). Also added new “Detailed Response” field which shows the response description from the processor.

  • Bug Fixes *
  • Fixed an issue where custom transaction fields were not being saved and stored for validate transactions
  • Fixed performance issues on Recent Payments page
  • Fixed issue with Text Messaging reports being inaccessible due to a “Technical Error” when selected in the UI