2022.01 – January 30th, 2022


API Changes

  • Add 2 fields to /transactions endpoint: feeOriginatingTransactionID, PaymentSourceID

  • Can be set in POST

  • Will be included in a response object

  • Added to API documentation

  • Added additional functionality to POST /transactions endpoint to send batch transactions to Pay.Gov. If “Accept API Batch Transactions” enabled for Account (see UI section for Account Configuration option), API Documentation will include this endpoint which has sample requests and responses.

UI Changes

  • For reporting, the “System Customer Reference ID” and “Customer Reference ID” fields are dynamically updated based on SwervePay Account Core Branding. (e.g., For “SwervePay Care” Core Branding, the fields would be “System Patient Reference ID” and “Patient Reference ID”)
  • Updated FAQ screen with additional guides
  • For Daily Processing Summary Report, custom fields will be included (for dates prior to deactivation) as well as standard fields
  • Standard Transaction Fields can now be set during payment plan creation.
    These fields include: Transaction Reference ID, Account Reference ID, and
    Client Reference ID (see screenshot)
  • If Transaction Reference ID is set during payment plan creation, subsequent
    payments will follow this format: {transaction reference id} + “-” + # of payment
    (e.g., the Transaction Reference ID for the first payment when Transaction
    Reference ID is “123” will be “123-1”, the second will be “123-2”, and so on for
    the number of payments in the plan
  • Added option to Account Configuration for users utilizing Pay.Gov. The option in
    the Account Settings screen is “Accept API Batch Transactions”. As mentioned
    in the API section, this will drive whether the Batch Processing section is
    available in the API Documentation. Screenshot example in Account Settings:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the New Payment Screen would retain card information
    after a transaction is submitted and then the browser back button is selected