This page will help you get started with Transaction Resource.


The Transaction resource provides access to process and query transaction data or run new transactions. A transaction is dependent upon the type of transaction (transactionType) and source of the transaction (transactionSource) for the payment to be processed.

A sub-resource is available for querying specific transaction details

GET (Transactions) – Query Transactions
GET (Transactions) is a resource for querying transactions. The response will include a transactionList of transaction records.

Example: Query Transactions
Below are the JSON and XML response, where the response includes a transactionList of transaction records.

POST (Transaction) – Create Transaction
The POST (Transactions) is a resource for creating a new transaction. Please see the table below preceding the request parameters for more information on conditional required fields.

Conditional Required Parameter Mapping
The Below table maps conditionally required fields by the associated transactionType. The highlighted requirements are required unless a tokenId is provided, Blocked-out cells indicate an invalid parameter for the given transactionType.

Credit Card Swipe Data
The credit card swipe Data can be processed through the swipeData field (If available for your account). This data will be the full string of encrypted swipe data provided by your SwervePay approved swipe device. If provided, valid swipeData will automatically populate the fields.